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Canning has changed my life for the good

Updated: Nov 24, 2021

Hi, my name is Latrice but everybody calls me TT.

I was recruited by Ground Score at the St. John's location. Ground Score has impacted my life in an amazing way. They have given me a great job opportunity to have another income besides canning to be able to support me, my kids and my family. I have the chance to work with some incredible inspiring women. Regardless of my background, they accepted me and allowed me to be me. So even though I work for the bottle depot, I also can 7 days a week. Canning can be very stressful but also rewarding. Canning has changed my life for the good. It keeps me out of trouble but also I make enough to support me and my family.

I think Ground Score is a great opportunity to help individuals like me who have taken canning as a career opportunity and a great way to help our environment with keeping the plastic bottle and cans out of the rivers, lakes and oceans so our fish and turtle friends don't become extinct. It also helps our wildlife stay safe and clean from unwanted trash.

So since we are doing our part in helping our community, I think our government should have more canning drops in the neighborhood because Delta Park is just not convenient for everybody. If you live in Washington, you can't even go there so that means it’s segregated just for the Oregonians. But if we have more drop sites so everybody is welcome and more can drops, the more we can keep our water friends and environment clean and safe. It can help people who recycle turn it into an official income to keep people like me on the payroll and off the Multnomah County jail roster. The government makes so much money off my people (aka homeless population), I think it's time to actually put that money to use and support a great opportunity to help the homeless community get off the streets and back into earning a legit living to take care of themselves and their families.

I lived on the streets of St. John's for 3 years and it was hard to see everyday people I've grown to love and consider family give up on life because they just didn't see a future besides being on drugs and being homeless. With the bottle depot, we can change all that and give back hope again and hopefully decrease the homeless population everywhere.

TT is a Ground Score member who works as a recycling collector and sorter for The People’s Depot. She lives in Portland, Oregon.

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