Ground Score is an association of environmental workers who create and fill low-barrier waste management jobs. Ground Score is collectively organized and seeks to be radically inclusive, prioritizing work opportunities for those facing work and housing insecurity. Ground Score seeks to build a more environmentally and socially aware community, while also changing society's perceptions of what and who is considered valuable.

The types of jobs that we perform are:


  • Leading volunteer groups to collect litter

  • Event waste management including recyclables sorting 

  • Presenting at meetings or events

  • Can/bottle pickup for deposit 

  • Giving recycled craft workshops

Additional job ideas that we’d like the opportunity to perform are:

  • The formal sale of second-hand and upcycled goods (through flea markets, sidewalk vending, consignment, or otherwise)

  • Supporting the provision of reusable dishware at events

  • Conducting waste audits 

  • Training groups about waste reduction and social inclusion

  • On-site composting and waste sorting services

  • Diversion of reusable/bulky materials at collection events

How ground score ORGANIZES

Ground Score Association considers itself a ‘peer-led’ initiative, organized and led for and by people who self-identify as canners, scrappers, dumpster divers, waste pickers, and/or ground scorers. Ground Score holds monthly organizing meetings that are open to all.


Workers are selected by coordinators for jobs based on a combination of factors, including priority for: those facing a higher degree of income insecurity; those who are under-represented (by race, gender, nationality, etc) within Ground Score’s ranks; those who show up consistently to meetings; those who have been getting fewer opportunities than others recently, or who have never gotten an opportunity; those who can meet the demands of the job; those who do not qualify for other jobs (because of physical ability or otherwise). Often, some jobs are raffled off at monthly meetings.


Workers who have a phone and have demonstrated a good ability to organize workers can also serve as coordinators to manage workers during job opportunities or to facilitate meetings. Ground Score works with a rotating pool of coordinators.  Existing coordinators train new coordinators by accompanying them in co-leading work or facilitation opportunities.

Meet some of our workers


Learn more about our Ground Score program through an interview with Taylor Cass Talbott, the Ground Score Development Coordinator, and Christine Alix, a Ground Score Member on 

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To find out more information, share an idea or opportunity, or to get involved, please email the Ground Score Coordinator at

Michael Fawcett: Coordinator

Michael Edmund Fawcett was born in Detroit, MI and grew up in nearby Ann Arbor- the youngest of three sons of Lee and Rita Fawcett, both educators. In 1981, his family moved to Lake Oswego, OR. In 1988, he graduated from Lakeridge High School and went on to Linfield College, majoring in Business with a minor in Political Science.
With the help of all the people in his life, Michael was recently afforded the opportunity to re-set the trajectory of his life. Michael joined Ground Score's association soon after it was  founded- seeing in it exciting possibilities to help many people. It also spoke to his deep sense of justice.

In his spare time, Michael enjoys volunteering in his neighborhood and loves reading and writing.

Barbra Weber: Co-Founder and Coordinator

Barbra (Barbie) Weber is an effective communicator with a gentle demeanor. Her motto in life is to do as little harm as possible to all life around her, to make every effort to assist in the betterment no matter what race, religion, gender identity, social status, mental health, criminal history, age, etc. And to fight with all her might to tear down stereotypes and to end hate that divides communities to their core. 

She is a committed advocate on issues regarding hygiene access for all.  She is highly involved in many organizations and advocacy groups including Street Roots, Sisters of the Road, Right 2 Survive, Western Regional Advocacy Project, Gather Make Shelter, Trash for Peace, and more. She is a well respected and trusted member of the houseless community.