Developing new curriculum, implementing new projects, and expanding worldwide requires time and investment in research, development, and implementation efforts.  If you're interested in supporting Trash for Peace's mission in the US and beyond, please consider a tax-deductible charitable donation.

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Trash for Peace is also enrolled in the Amazon Smile Program. If you have an Amazon account and visit, you can link your account to us. Trash for Peace will then receive O.5% of any eligible purchases as a non-profit reward.

Trash for Peace is honored to receive support through the following partnerships:  

Plastic Lizard Recycling is a women-owned and operated small business located in Portland, OR, that turns un-recyclable plastic into durable, beautiful home goods.  They have graciously offered to donate 10% of the proceeds from the sale of their Piranha Clamps.  When purchasing through their site, use the code "TrashforPeace." They have many other amazing products, too, so please check them out soon!  

Yoga to You is a woman-owned small business located in Portland, OR that believes in yoga being accessible to every-body.  They are also dedicated to a yoga practice that gives back to the environment, which includes using yoga products and tools that are sustainable.  In partnership with them, we are creating yoga bolsters that, instead of being stuffed full of cotton, are stuffed full of clean, filmy plastic that is very difficult to recycle and would otherwise go to the landfill. 100% of the proceeds (after cost) will be donated to Trash for Peace! This initiative is underway, please check back for more information on how to acquire a bolster in the near future!

Raymond Alexander, a Portland visual artist, crafter, workshop leader

"Millions of citizens world-wide are clueless about what kind of material a manila file folder is made from.  I, too, was clueless until a fateful day in November 1991.  A need to finish an optical illusion design on large poster board was more time-consuming than I had first estimated.  Tearing tiny sections of bond typing paper and gluing them down required much patience.  I looked around in my make-shift studio, hoping to find a suitable material replacement because my image needed "character" or depth dimensionality. I zoomed in on a stack of manila file folders, visualized a different possible outcome for my design.  Torn sections of file folders worked like magic and I achieved the desired 2D effect in half the time. 


Subsequent Internet research informed me that abaca (a Spanish word) is an indigenous plant of the Philippines.  The leaves and stalks of said plant are processed to make various by-products, including file folders.


Abaca is the strongest natural plant fiber on Earth.  Since 1991, I have recycled over 10,000 used file folders and crafted wall hangings, beverage coasters, salt and pepper shakers, display easels, art magnets, fashion pins, bracelets, bangles, rings, napkin holder, frames for mounting art.  Abaca changed the direction of my life, blessed me in various ways, and It still remains my strongest passion in life."


As a good will ambassador of grassroots art activities, world peace,and crime reduction, Raymond Alexander has educated thousands of local citizens and visitors from around the world, many of whom have seen his abaca fiber sample creations adjacent to Powell' s Book Store.  

Ayomide Ngo

Ayomide enjoys creating environments where people can go to the edge of their comfort zone and study themselves. One way she takes people to to their personal edge is through Yoga. Ayomide believes that Yoga is a tool for social justice and community bridging. She currently teaches Kaleidoscope community yoga and a yoga class that supports Humans of Color.  


Kaleidoscope yoga creates an environment where people learn to deepen their ability to build physical relationships with people through touch, yoga, sacred geometry and images. Students of this practice deepen into their personal yoga journey by learning what it means to share one. 


Her class Humans of color yoga is a practice to get indigenous and peoples of the diaspora to move away from a culture of destruction and engage in a culture of self-care. 


Ayomide also is co-creators of Chakralot meditation Chocolates. She believes that meditation can be a delicious journey that everyone can experience. Chocolate can be a used as a sweet treat or a tool to support you in investigating your deepest self. 


Ayomide currently teaches at Dance at Portland Community College and Teaches Yoga at The Peoples CO-OP. 


The work that Trash for Peace does would not be possible without the generous support of our partners and contributors. Trash for Peace would like to thank its individual donors, and the following organizations: 


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