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COVID-19 and the
Local Economy

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COVID-19 has affected our Trash for Peace community in countless ways. We have taken every precaution to ensure that we are able to serve our community members and simultaneously prioritize their, and our staff’s, physical safety and mental well-being. 

At the beginning of the global pandemic, the OLCC stopped enforcing the bottle bill, which meant that thousands of community members suddenly lost a vital source of revenue when they were no longer allowed to redeem their cans and bottles. Our People’s Depot was a direct response to this — we needed a way to get vital sources of revenue into the hands of community members.

When community centers closed, we pivoted from having our youth education programming be in-person to delivering a hands-on sustainability education kit that we made each month to their doorsteps instead. 
Our team is endlessly creative and dedicated to delivering our programs safely. 

Our COVID protocols (wearing masks, washing hands, socially distancing) are based on CDC recommendations, and we are constantly reviewing them to ensure our team is feeling safe and supported. 

Interested in our work? Be a part of our team

We work with houseless community members all over Portland and our metro region who are often in need of good rain gear, warm socks and shoes, and clean towels. 

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