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The People’s Depot is a community-led, independent bottle redemption service born out of the COVID-19 pandemic when access to bottle redemption became limited and people were in critical need of income. 


Bottle and can deposits are a critical source of income for many members of our community to cover basic human needs such as food, housing costs, bus passes and laundry. Informal recyclers often exist on slim economic margins, and the COVID-19 crisis has magnified economic instability.  Despite the added risk of COVID-19, individuals are still collecting beverage containers for deposits.


The People’s Depot operates three locations and works alongside harm reduction outreach services.  By “stacking” bottle return with other social services, The People’s Depot both supports individual health and well-being, and helps preserve community safety in a time when all are encouraged to minimize travel.  While the three locations remain undisclosed to protect the participants who rely on these services, canners are invited to contact to learn how to access The People’s Depot. 


The People's Depot serves 125+ individuals per week

witH direct stipend distribution.

since April, the People's Depot has:

created 15 low-barrier job opportunities


Distributed over $20,000 to those in need

Collected and processed nearly 200,000 beverage containers for recycling

For more information about The People's Depot, please email the Ground Score Coordinator at

To better meet the needs of vulnerable individuals, we are working to combine efforts like The People’s Depot with additional, essential services. The People’s Depot seeks donations to help expand services by funding low-barrier jobs to collect and sort beverage containers. You can make a donation here. Please mention that the donation is for The People’s Depot.

The People’s Depot is a collective effort of harm reduction volunteers, Ground Score Association (a peer-led initiative of Trash for Peace), and the City of Portland’s Homelessness and Urban Camping Impact Reduction Program.


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