Sustainability Education Program

We partner with affordable housing communities to provide weekly hands-on activities to youth and families that are designed to fit within six themes that relate to sustainability.  Some activities include: making a recycle bin out of reclaimed materials, making a mural out of bottle caps, bilingual yoga, tire gardens, and community-led garage sales.  Our programming has helped increase recycling rates and diverted pounds of trash from landfills.  We are currently located on 7 affordable housing sites in Portland in partnership with Home Forward.

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TfP Sustainability Education
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Sustainability Certificate Program

Empowering youth is at the core of what we do. In order to further this aspect of our mission, we’re proud to award a Sustainability Certificate to youth age 15-years and older who fulfill certificate requirements, including design and facilitation of hands-on sustainability education programming.  All participants must pass a basic background check and are awarded a written letter of recommendation and documentation of hours worked upon certificate completion.
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School Programming

We’re in schools across the greater Portland Metro area providing hands-on activities that engage students in the concept of sustainability.  Whether we’re building a recycling bin out of empty plastic bottles, a mini greenhouse out of reused water jugs or a flower garden out of old tires, our programs provide real-life examples of sustainable practices that empower youth to use their own creativity for a more creative, peaceful planet.

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We have roots in Guatemala, are officially based in Portland, OR and have taken our programs to Bulgaria!  
Want to partner with us to implement a Trash for Peace satellite somewhere on this beautiful planet?
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Our Mission: 

To provide hands on, creative experience that encourage resilient communities

Our Vision: 


Empowered, healthy communities living in a world without waste.