Please join Trash for Peace for some fun, laughter, and reducing, reusing, and rethinking waste, of course! Enjoy learning easy DIY fall crafts and hear stories from our members who will share about what we do and the impact we have with communities in Portland. Register HERE!

Here's how your donation makes an impact:

$10 - pays for 5 Sustainability Education kits for youth


$20 - pays for one hour of work for one Ground Score worker


$50 - pays for Sustainability Education kits for 25 youth, or pays for two hours of work for a Ground Score Coordinator (a worker with more experience!)


$75 - pays for 5 hours of work for one of our Environmental Promoters or 5 promoters for one hour of work!


$100 - pays for healthy snacks for 50 youths, or pays for 5 hours of work for one Ground Score worker, or 1 hour of work for 5 Ground Score workers!






“I am so grateful to this program for getting me out of my apartment and more involved in my community”

-Environmental Promoter

"I love how art and collaborative projects have helped some of the kids open up. Over the last few months, more and more children are speaking and sharing ideas with me. They are also improving their receptive listening skills and following directions. They are always really eager to find out what we are doing/creating each class!”

-RIHO program coordinator





“I learned so much about recycling”

-Environmental Promoter


“Having a resource such as Ground Score has opened new doors in my life. Things are not as hopeless or destitute. I look forward to the blossoming relationship between myself and Ground Score as together we tear down the walls and barriers of 'stereotypical' homelessness”

-Ground Score Worker